"Feeding hearts and stomachs" is HOME Church Panama's mission statement.  We minister to the Ngobe Indigenous Natives from all over the Chiriqui Province in Panama. Over 300 attended our Christmas party on December 10th, 2011 with 30+ new believers brought into the kingdom. With HCJB GLOBAL and the body of Christ partnering with us, we now have the opportunity to purchase fix-tuned solar powered radios for the natives, whereby they may hear the sermons and Christian music all day!  In addition, we physically visit the Comarcas (reservations) to bring them the Gospel and to distribute food and materials to them. 


Because of your support we fed the hearts and stomachs of the indigenous Indians & native Panamanians in the mountains of Chiriqui, Panama during our 2010 Christmas Event.  Continue to join us in prayer and be a financial link with us as we continue to build our missions in Central America. Our next event is "Getting Kids Back INTO School" beginning February 1st, 2011.  
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